Question: What type of certifications or licenses are required to fly drones for business?

Three Dog Aerial pilots hold the FAA Part 107 certification which is required when using a Drone for business purposes.

Question: Do you have insurance when flying the drone?

  1. Yes, We carry a $1MM liability policy that is expandable if needed.

Question: Can you fly over my property without my permission?

Yes, The FAA retains the sole dominion over the National Airspace. State, local jurisdictions, and property owners can limit where a drone launches and lands, but cannot in anyway control where a drone flies once in flight.

Question: Aren’t you violating my privacy with your drone?

No, when flying over your property our drones does not record anything that is not already available via satellite or small plane. Example of this would be Google Earth.

Question: What if someone does not like the drone flying around and shoots your drone down?

The FAA defines small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) as “aircraft”. Our drones are registered aircraft. Shooting one down would be the equivalent of shooting down a small plane. They would be breaking several laws, federal and local laws. A disabled drone could fly away out of control causing damage or harm to other people. If you have concerns, please talk to me, I promise to answer all your questions.

Question: Are there any flight restrictions that control how high and far you can fly the drone?

Yes, following the FAA 107 regulations a drone has flight restrictions depending on the airpace it is flying in and other factors. Normally 400”above ground and the pilot in charge needs to maintain visual line of site. Under certain conditions waivers to these restrictions may be obtained through the FAA.